Our professional service fees for treatment are $60.00 per week per person and $55.00 per week per family member (two or more individuals living in the same household undergoing treatment together). A one time $25 intake fee for initial screening, psycho-social assessment, physical examination, drug screen and routine TB/RPR lab tests is due prior to enrollment in this treatment program. The total cost of admission ($85) includes both the initial intake fee and first week’s treatment services and is due at intake. The patient is solely responsible for any fees incurred from obtaining outside lab work and assessments for which he /she has been referred.

Payments are accepted in cash, money order or credit card and must be received in advance of services. Payments are due on the same day each week established on the day of admission. For example, if a client joins the clinic on a Monday, the following Monday will be his/her payment due day for receiving continued clinic services. No credit is given for missed doses, unless the client has been hospitalized or incarcerated and is able to provide documentation that such was the case.

Patients will be provided with a 30 day notification should there be any changes in the clinic’s treatment fee schedule.