Clinical: We provide individual counseling, psycho-social education and case management in accordance with a patient’s personalized treatment plan. Cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing are the most common clinical approaches utilized. Psycho-social education includes education about addiction, methadone’s role in treating opiate dependency, bio-psycho-social recovery, relapse prevention, family dynamics and non-chemical coping strategies. Each patient is assigned a primary clinician who oversees, provides and coordinates care needed. Referrals and recommendations will be provided for any services that we are unable to render.

Medical: We conduct a physical evaluation at admission in addition to medical evaluations at regular intervals. Medication management and monitoring is conducted during scheduled clinic attendance. Individuals seeking short or long-term medically supervised withdrawal will meet with the medical practitioner to determine individualized tapering schedules. Our medical provider will provide referrals for additional medical services as indicated.

Admission/Re-admission Policy and Population Served: Admission to our program is contingent upon the prospective patient having a history of one (1) year of addiction to opioids. The record must demonstrate that the person was addicted continuously or episodically during the past year. Exceptions to this criterion are made for individuals who have been in chronic care institutions and are at risk of relapse, who have previously been in treatment and are at risk of relapse and who have been released from a penal institution within the last six (6) months.

Individuals released from long-term chronic care institutions may be admitted if they met the above admission criteria prior to entering the facility. Pregnant women who do not exhibit objective signs of withdrawal or physiological dependence may also be admitted immediately, even if they do not meet admission criteria. Individuals released from penal institutions may be admitted immediately if they met the criteria before they entered jail/prison.

Recovery Rx does not treat individuals under the age of 18 years, but we do treat everyone else who meets the admission criteria above.

Discharging a Patient: Patients are discharged when their treatment goals have been met, when the patient has made the decision to terminate treatment or in the rare instances where continuing treatment participation in our program is no longer beneficial. Ideally a patient’s discharge will be voluntary and planned mutually with their personal treatment team.

All services and patient records are absolutely confidential.